domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

A note

The gloom fits you.

Yeah, honey. I'm here. I know you've been trying to guess. Can't explain why I've done what I've done  but that's me now. 
I'm freaking out. I had to go away. I was ruining everything. My life is a mess. My grandma is dying, my father has to go the hospital and me... Well I think  I'm lost. 

I know you came here to get info 'bout me: my situation, my life, my winnings, my losses... but why? Both of us thinkin' 'bout each other. Both screwing up everything. Both hating, both loving. This is us. 

Can you understand this? Yeah? Try to make it out loud!

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Si todo es imperfecto en este mundo imperfecto, el amor es lo más perfecto de todo precisamente por su perfecta imperfección.